Panasonic's 103-Inch Plasma TV Goes 3D

After falling in price to "just" $50,000 last year, Panasonic's five-year-old plasma has been updated with 3D technology. The TH-P103MT2 will sell for the equivalent of $101,900 in Japan—not including installation, naturally. [AkihabaraNews] » 11/17/10 4:00am 11/17/10 4:00am

At Gizmodo Gallery 2009: Return of the Monstrous 103-Inch Panasonic…

Yeah, Giz Gallery had the 103-inch Panasonic Plasma last year. What of it? The thing was so badass we had no choice but to bring it back for another year of Halo, Call of Duty and exclusive Star Trek content. » 9/17/09 3:50pm 9/17/09 3:50pm

At Gizmodo Gallery: A Call For Amazing Gadgets, Prizes and HDTV Content

Hey Giz friends, we're looking for a bit of help with our fund raiser, Giz Gallery. If you're capable and feeling like you can lend a hand, here's what we're looking for: awesome content to put on the 103-inch Panny Plasma, door prizes, and rare and wonderful gadgets you guys may have that we'd be honored to display. » 12/03/08 1:55pm 12/03/08 1:55pm

Giz Plays With Tests the 103-Inch Panasonic Plasma (Verdict: Duuuuuhhhh)

Click to viewYou can read about it all you want, but to be in its presence is another thing altogether. And no, I'm not talking about Frucci. We gave you a sugary lick of its sweetness last Friday on site, but now here are some of the technical details and a nerdier gallery of our experience with Panasonic's 103-inch… » 8/27/07 11:05am 8/27/07 11:05am

103-inch Panasonic Plasma Smashed At Trade Show

A forklift accident, rather than a publicity stunt by Sharp or some other big-n-flat competitor, was the cause of death for Panasonic's 103-inch plasma pride and joy. The rumor floated a few weeks ago, but the Gizmodo team in Australia was able to confirm the CeBit Sydney mishap. Not, it wasn't the first plasma to… » 5/30/07 1:20pm 5/30/07 1:20pm

Panasonic's 103-inch Plasma Reviewed: Grandstanding Performance

We're not sure how they got their hands on it, but the guys at Trusted Reviews were lucky enough to test out Panasonic's 103-inch plasma TV. The monster TV, which weighs in at 771 pounds with the massive stand, took about 3 hours to install (and that's with the help of professional installers). So how'd it perform?… » 4/18/07 12:11pm 4/18/07 12:11pm