Panasonic's 3DTV Sales So Strong, They're Producing 30% More

Whatever your views on 3DTV, there's no denying Panasonic's 3D plasmas are miles ahead of competitors' products. Which probably goes some length to explaining why Panasonic's increased production by 30 per cent. » 4/20/10 4:54am 4/20/10 4:54am

Would You Wear Panasonic's 3D Glasses?

Panasonic's been showing off their 3D tech more than any other company, but for the first time, they've stood behind the active shutter glasses design as their own. In other words, these are the glasses Panasonic will sell. » 10/12/09 8:09am 10/12/09 8:09am

3D TV: Blu-ray Looks Great, But What's Next?

3D TV hardware still has a ways to go, but Panasonic's vision is starting to congeal: It will require glasses, and—at least for some content—it will be awesome. But wait, quick question! What will we watch? » 8/20/09 9:00pm 8/20/09 9:00pm