Next-Level Karaoke Bar Has Kinect, Microsoft Surfaces and a 103-Inch TV

I love karaoke, but it amuses me how many joints don't even have a digital songlist, instead favoring a cheapskate telephone book of songs. Hong Kong's completely pimped the karaoke bar, with Panasonic's 103-inch TV, Kinect and Microsoft Surface. » 12/21/10 4:40am 12/21/10 4:40am

Panasonic's 50-Inch 3DTV Plasma on Sale for $1,100

Considering it started out at $2,100, that's an absolute steal for a 3DTV. Act quickly though, as Amazon's either made a mistake, or doesn't have many left at that price. [Amazon via 3D-Display-Info] » 9/28/10 9:50am 9/28/10 9:50am