Panasonic's 13MP Lumix Phone Looks Like a Crappy Sony Ericsson,…

They promised more info for this week, and they gave us new info.'s not quite shaping up to what we were hoping for, considering Lumix's awesome reputation. Budget Sony Ericsson with 13MP camera, anyone? » 10/05/10 3:20am 10/05/10 3:20am

Panasonic is Making a Lumix Cameraphone

They may not sell many cellphones outside Japan, but considering how well-respected Panasonic's Lumix camera range is around the world, a "Lumix phone" would actually do very well. Given the OS matches up to the phone's awesome-sounding specs, of course. » 10/01/10 4:40am 10/01/10 4:40am