Panasonic's Micro Four Thirds AG-AF100 Camcorder: More Details Come…

When we first got wind of Panasonic's AG-AF100 micro four thirds camcorder back in April, it sounded more like the rough sketch of a good idea. Now that Panasonic's filled in some of the blanks, you can color me excited. » 6/21/10 12:51pm 6/21/10 12:51pm

Panasonic Takes Micro Four Thirds Design To AG-AF100 Pro Camcorder

At $6,000 this pro camcorder isn't likely to end up in too many of our homes, but it's the first time Panasonic's used its popular micro four thirds design on a camcorder. The format is here to stay. » 4/12/10 7:03am 4/12/10 7:03am