Denise Richards Attacks 91-year-old with Laptop

In an attempt to prove that laptops make for better weapons than BlackBerrys, Denise Richards went on a laptop-hurling rampage at a casino near Vancouver recently. Richards, who was tired of being harassed by paparazzi, got into a fight with them and ended up chucking their lappies from a hotel balcony. The flying… » 11/10/06 6:00pm 11/10/06 6:00pm

Panasonic Toughbooks: Hardened Cases, Long Battery Life

Here's some clean design from Panasonic, adding a trio of Toughbooks to its laptop portfolio, the CF-W5, the CF-T5, and CF-Y5. All three have magnesium alloy cases and shockproof drives that can take the kind of beating road warriors routinely dish out, but they're not exactly tough enough for military use like some » 9/12/06 9:45am 9/12/06 9:45am