Logitech's TV Cam Lets You Skype Through Panasonic TVs

Basically, Logitech's grabbed their 720p webcam and made it mountable and compatible with TVs—well, Panasonic's 2011 model of Viera Connected TV that supports Skype. On sale this month, it'll cost $150. [Logitech] » 5/03/11 5:25am 5/03/11 5:25am

First Skype TV Hands On

My first thought watching Skype be demonstrated on a 55" Panasonic Viera Cast TV was that it's going to be incredibly useful—though a bit laggy—way to keep in touch with family and friends. My second: Ac-TING! » 1/07/10 2:33pm 1/07/10 2:33pm

Panasonic TC-P54Z1 Viera Plasma: 54 Inches Across, 1 Inch Deep

Here's what we know: The latest Panasonic Viera is a 54-inch plasma with wireless connectivity that's just 1-inch deep. It features a set top box sends 1080P inputs to the television. » 1/07/09 6:00pm 1/07/09 6:00pm