Qualcomm Says Wearables Aren't a Fad, And It Might Just Be Right

"This trend is not going away," says Pankaj Kedia, the head of Qualcomm's new wearables business unit. "This is not a fad." Of course he'd say that—his job depends on it. But who other than Qualcomm—the company which dominates the mobile industry—would know for sure? So I grilled Qualcomm's wearables boss about our… » 1/05/15 1:35pm 1/05/15 1:35pm

Intel Recognizes ARM Is Better, Says iPhone Is ZOMG

Remember last Wednesday, when Intel's director of ecosystems, stamp collector, and amateur clown Pankaj Kedia pooped all over ARM and the iPhone » 10/24/08 3:30am 10/24/08 3:30am at the Intel Developer Forum in Taipei? You know the guy, the Intel zealot who—in an brilliant display of knowledge and strategical thinking said some stupidly dumb things…