Giant Circular Panorama Recreates The Hell of Fire-bombed Dresden

Seventy years ago, in one of the most controversial actions of World War Two, the British Royal Air Force (RAF) and the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) dropped circa 4000 tons of high-explosive bombs and incendiary devices on Dresden. Only months before the end of World War II, in four fierce raids between 13… »1/26/15 6:10pm1/26/15 6:10pm


Create Interactive 360° Panoramic Video With Ease

Have you ever watched a video and wanted so badly to view the scene from a different perspective? Maybe you wanted to see what was happening behind the person filming. Eye Mirror is an upcoming camera accessory that should let you pan 360° within a video as it's playing. It looks surprisingly simple, and it apparently… »12/16/13 6:20pm12/16/13 6:20pm

Panoramas From The Early 1900s Let You Gaze Far And Wide At The Past

When the iPhone got native panorama function in iOS 6, people started sharing tons of sprawling views. 360s of stadiums, the whole visible coastline at sunset. Laudable Facebook wallpapers all. But the urge to capture really wide shots didn't start a few years ago, it began in the 1800s when photographers like George… »6/30/13 3:15pm6/30/13 3:15pm

What It Really Looks Like Atop the World’s Tallest Building

In January, Dubai photog Gerald Donovan showed us what the earth looks like from the pinnacle of the world’s tallest building, thanks to a 360 degree panorama that was ‘shopped to remove the Burj Khalifa itself. But today, Donovan released the original, undoctored image—and it’s even better than the edited version. »6/13/13 1:15pm6/13/13 1:15pm

The Entirety of Rear Window's Rear Window in One Glorious Time-Lapse Panorama

A lot happens in Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window, all of it dutifully overseen by a wheelchair-bound photographer from a single spot. But to take in absolutely everything that Jimmy Stewart's character does in the course of the film, you need to see this time lapse, which stitches together an entire panorama from… »4/03/12 8:53am4/03/12 8:53am