The Throwable, Panoramic Ball Cam Is Finally Here—and It's Incredible

When we first got wind of a throwable, 36-lens compound camera that automatically snaps 360-degree panoramas at the height of its toss, we were already impressed—and that was jus the prototype (seen above on the right). Now, the officially named Panono camera is nearly half its former size, just as powerful, and… » 11/12/13 7:00am 11/12/13 7:00am

Safely Explore an Erupting Volcano With This Stunning 360 Degree…

A few days ago we posted a behind the scenes look at how the Moscow-based Airpano managed to capture some spectacular footage and imagery of the Tolbachick volcano using a flying drone. But it turns out they also had a 360 degree video camera mounted to one of their helicopters. And the footage of their flight over the … » 2/05/13 8:33am 2/05/13 8:33am

Stackable Timelapse Ticker Quickly Captures Perfect Panoramas

Almost every camera and cameraphone has the option of taking extra-wide panoramic photos by stitching multiple shots together. But for decent results you either need a sniper's skills, or something like this simple rotating Camalapse mount to precisely move the camera for you. » 8/24/12 10:12am 8/24/12 10:12am

GigaPan Epic Pro Gives Your DSLR Full Panoramic Power

We've been waiting on a DSLR version of the GigaPan Epic gigapixel photo system for a while now, and the moment's finally arrived: the GigaPan Epic Pro handles DSLRs and large lenses to stitch together photos into sweeping panoramas. » 3/15/10 5:56pm 3/15/10 5:56pm