Take Instant Photospheres With This One-Shot Omnidirectional Camera

Sometimes you want to take a picture of a thing, but there are times when you just want everything. So far, your options for comprehensive photospheres involve taking a whole crapton of pictures, or throwing some kind of crazy ball or something. This upcoming camera from Ricoh makes it a hell of a lot easier. "One… » 2/01/13 12:40pm 2/01/13 12:40pm

iOS 5 Code Hints at Built-in iPhone Panoramic Camera

Life just keeps getting better for you iOS'ers out there. A photo from 9 to 5 Mac shows code that would add a panoramic camera mode to iOS 5's final release. And the good news doesn't stop with pano-capabilities. iOS 5 is also built to play HD videos in full 1080p, something that's all too appropriate if they're going… » 6/09/11 4:24pm 6/09/11 4:24pm

God's Desktop Picture

What's even more amazing and humbling than the latest Hubble ultra-deep field image? This newly-released, panoramorgasmic 3.4-megapixel-wide space image, encompassing "12 billion years of cosmic history" in thousand of galaxies at different stages of evolution. The first of its kind: » 1/06/10 6:42pm 1/06/10 6:42pm

AutoMate Motorized Camera Mount Adds Tracking, Time Lapse to Your DSLR …

Inventor Don French has just developed this AutoMate, which is like a version of Gigapan, but for DSLR cameras. It lets your camera do time lapse movies, time lapse panoramas, event triggers and more. Some cameras like the Nikons already support it, but AutoMate adds a PDA/cellphone interface as well so you can… » 6/17/08 1:00pm 6/17/08 1:00pm

Casio EX-V8 has 16:9 Format, Better Definition

The best thing about Casio's latest Exilim, the Hi-Zoom EX-V8, is the new 16:9 video format, which pumps the recording resolution to 848 x 480 pixels, using the H.264 Advanced Video Codec. Like the previous models, these can send videos directly to YouTube, but now in panoramic format. Specs after the jump. » 8/28/07 5:05am 8/28/07 5:05am