It's Time to Ditch Facebook and Start Over

Most of us have had Facebook accounts for the past few years, if not a decade. But time and bloat have turned once-beloved font of nostalgia into an onslaught of faux-sentimental sludge from strangers. So as Facebook stands poised to break itself into a bunch of different apps, we say to you: Screw it. It's time to… » 4/18/14 10:00am Friday 10:00am

A Striking Animated Short Made With Nothing But Sticky Notes

You don't need amazing computer graphics, bowel-jiggling surround sound, or eye-popping 3D effects to make a powerful film. In fact, all you really need is a tall stack of yellow sticky notes and a black pen. And a whole lot of talent. Luckily, the 15 animators who helped make this short film had all of those in… » 4/05/14 5:30pm 4/05/14 5:30pm

Genius Microscope Made From Folded Paper Could Help Fight Malaria

The light microscope changed science and medicine forever, but in the 400-plus years since it was invented, this crucial piece of equipment has gotten pretty expensive and fragile. Manu Prakash and his team have designed a brilliant solution—an origami microscope that costs less than 50 cents to make. » 3/08/14 7:30pm 3/08/14 7:30pm

You'd Never Guess These Quilts Are Made From 1000s of Envelopes

Envelopes generally don't get a lot of love—especially the ones holding big fatty bills that need payin'. Small consolation, but the privacy patterns that line the insides can actually be pretty awesome. » 2/21/14 2:40pm 2/21/14 2:40pm

Definitive Proof That App Store Search Is the Absolute Worst

One of the most exciting new apps in months has hit Apple's App Store today: Paper, an app that provides a refreshing new Facebook experience. This is an app that, conservatively, hundreds of thousands of people want to download today. Good luck finding it. » 2/03/14 1:08pm 2/03/14 1:08pm

Gorgeous New Posters From an Abandoned Printing Press in London

How neat is this? The folks at Faber & Faber, an independent publishing house in London since 1929, recently found a forgotten hand press in their archives. As it turns out, the half-century-old machine was used by the firm's most famous designer, Berthold Wolpe: they've since refurbished the relic, which is going to be … » 12/13/13 10:20am 12/13/13 10:20am

The Prettiest iPad Drawing App Now Has the Prettiest Stylus Companion

Have you used Paper by 53 Design? It's that iPad drawing app that is so decked out in pretty, design-y, feel-good-ness that it makes all who use it feel like Matisse. Well, now its creators have put out an equally gorgeous stylus. » 11/19/13 9:00am 11/19/13 9:00am

Get an Adorable Book of Your Digital Sketches Delivered to Your Door

If you're an artist or designer with an iPad, chances are you have come across Paper, the elegant and fun drawing app. Thanks to Paper's new partnership with Moleskine, you can now free your sketches from digital purgatory and purchase an actual physical book of your art. » 10/01/13 11:44am 10/01/13 11:44am

The First Flexible Silicon Paper Could Revolutionize Mobile Gadgets

Imagine a smartphone you can roll up and slip into your shirt pocket. Or a tablet that can be folded like a newspaper and slipped in your back pocket. It's an idea that's been tossed around in science fiction for a years, but now it's a small step closer to reality because researchers at Sun Yat-sen University in… » 9/19/13 10:10am 9/19/13 10:10am