Boldly Organize Your Files Where No One Has Organized Before

It doesn't take much to convince a Star Trek fan to buy some Trek-related merchandise, but even non-Trekkies are going to find these fun paper clips hard to pass by. For $20 (available sometime in July) this Trek-themed tin includes 20 paper clips shaped like the Starfleet delta insignia, and 20 paper clips shaped… » 1/09/15 9:26am 1/09/15 9:26am

Thumbs Up Paperclips Let You Like in Real Life

If it's nearly impossible for you to tear yourself away from Facebook and deal with the real world, perhaps these amusing thumbs up paperclips will help ease the transition away from your phone. They're even multi-purpose, letting you express your like of a given document, or dislike by simply flipping it over. » 9/19/12 12:20pm 9/19/12 12:20pm

Neon Paperclip Lights Perfect for Fans of The Office

UK-based furniture designer Ga l Horsfall's bespoke Neon Paperclip Lamp is a simple design, with a neon paperclip holding the shade in place. There are two sizes: the 31-inch model has a 23-inch paperclip and is suitable for the floor; while the smaller table version measures 15 inches with a 12-inch clip. Both sizes… » 10/22/07 7:33am 10/22/07 7:33am