Pencil-Pushing Census Bureau Dumps Portable Tech for Pencils

To our friends at Treehugger, please look away as we report that the Census Bureau is ditching plans to go digital and will return to its sinful pencil-pushing, paper-crazy roots. Originally, the Bureau planned for workers to use 500,000 wireless handheld devices from Harris Corp. as a replacement for the paperwork… » 4/06/08 11:30am 4/06/08 11:30am

Motorola Zine, Totally Trademarked

We've already covered a juicy rumor about Motorola developing Motorola Z10 successors known as "Zine." Hmm...maybe that's Zines when pluralized. Anyway, Motorola has filed a trademark for "Zine" in relationship to the following huge blockquote of smartphone technology categories: » 12/01/07 5:15pm 12/01/07 5:15pm

Looks like our intel was pretty good…