UPS Dumps Labels for Paper-Free Gauntlet-Cum-Printer

The gauntlet you see strapped to this guy's hand is HP's Handheld sp400 All-in-One » 11/13/08 8:00pm 11/13/08 8:00pm, which is not only a hot fashion accessory, it scans barcodes and prints sorting info directly onto boxes (or someone's face, natch) with magic quick-drying ink, no paper label required. UPS has been testing it out at a ship center in…

Paperless Boarding Passes Coming To Cellphones

While it's nice to print out boarding passes at home before you leave, you can't always do the same on your return leg. Continental has a proposed fix, now in testing in Houston. You load your boarding pass onto your phone's screen with 2D barcode exposed, then let the TSA and airline ticket checkers scan away. Of… » 12/05/07 10:01am 12/05/07 10:01am