NES Controller Socket Lets You Control Your Mods with Nostalgia

Parallax has just released their NES controller socket to the delights of modders everywhere. Instead of forcing them to chop up an old NES to get the 7-pin socket, Parallax has made it available for only $2 on their site » 9/27/08 5:30pm 9/27/08 5:30pm. The NES controller would be great for all kinds of little projects, from robots to old-school…

gCubik is Palm-Sized 3D Display Everyone Can See at Once

Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology has created this prototype physical 3D display that works a little differently than the other 3D tech out there. Those bright spots aren't LEDs, but a complex array of lenses arranged on top of LCDs, forming the sides of a cube. By a kind of… » 6/12/08 6:50am 6/12/08 6:50am

Behold the World's Largest 3D Display (Now in Glorious 2D!)

Sharp has been showing off their glasses-less 3D Parallax technology for years, and now they're partnering with VMJ to create the biggest commercial 3D display in the world. A 65-inch 1920x1080 LCD with 120-degree viewing angle, it's priced at around $30,000—meaning it's more aimed at wooing the crowds in public… » 6/05/08 10:00am 6/05/08 10:00am