Sharp's Glassesless 3D Phone Will Hit the US Next Year

Not just the US, but China and India as well. They haven't said which glassesless 3D phone it'll be, but we've gone on the record as saying their 3D isn't too bad. You know, for a novelty. [Mainichi via 3D-Display-Info] » 11/17/10 9:00am 11/17/10 9:00am

Sharp's Parallax Barrier Technology and 3D Camera Seen In the Flesh—and …

Glasses-less 3DTV sounds like the greatest invention ever, right? But secretly, I think we were all worried it would look quite rubbish. After a lengthy session with Sharp's parallax barrier technology, I can say chin up! It's not that bad. » 9/03/10 11:08am 9/03/10 11:08am