Parallels Access Transforms Your Desktop Apps into iPad Apps

Parallels Access turns your iPad into a porthole to your more powerful (and heavier) Windows or Mac computers somewhere else. Connecting the your iPad to your remote machine through the cloud is the (relatively) easy part. The real magic is how Parallels Access elegantly shrinks your desktop applications into… » 8/27/13 9:05pm 8/27/13 9:05pm

Parallels 4 Out Now: 50% Faster Than Parallels 3

Those running Intel Macs are probably at least familiar with Parallels » 11/11/08 10:45am 11/11/08 10:45am, the famed virtualization software allowing you to run Windows alongside OSX. Well now the company has just announced their fourth revision of the software, Parallels 4, that promises to run 50% faster than the .The virtualization engine itself…

Dealzmodo: Parallels Desktop 3.0 For $39/$49

You probably already know that both we and Lifehacker enjoy running Windows on our Macs using Parallels. Well, MacHeist has a deal today where you can pick up a copy for just $49, which includes a copy of MacPilot. That price gets even sweeter ($10 sweeter) if you previously bought a MacHeist bundle. Get yours now if… » 6/27/08 12:26pm 6/27/08 12:26pm

Sinbad is Still Alive, Also a Gigantic Mac Nerd

This video, found on the VMWare Fusion Site, illustrates not only that Sinbad hasn't passed away—as many of us previously thought—but he's a gigantic nerd on the caliber of Gizmodo readers. Just listen to what he says regarding how he runs Windows and OS X simultaneously and marvel at how much more he knows about… » 2/12/08 2:05pm 2/12/08 2:05pm

New Parallels Ads Ape "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" Spots But Actually Feel Fresh

While poor PC users still get the insulting end of the stick as Mac cozily snags their features, overall these spots feel less mean than Apple's and surprisingly un-stale. John Hodgman's presence is missed, but the Mac guy comes across as slightly less smug than Justin Long (probably 'cause he's way old). Complete… » 7/06/07 2:30am 7/06/07 2:30am