Color-Changing Suit Shows Injuries That Paralyzed Athletes Can't Feel

Paraplegic athletes push their bodies to the absolute limit—and sometimes beyond. When an athlete injures a body part he or she can't feel, that can lead to some very dangerous situations. Now, a design team at Imperial College London has an ingenious solution: an athletic suit that uses off-the-shelf pressure sensing… »6/18/14 12:40pm6/18/14 12:40pm

The Fascinating, Complex World Of Paralympic Biathlon and Nordic Skiing

The Olympics are done for the year, but Paralympians from all over the world took to the courses in Sochi this week to compete. I talked to John Farra, High Performance director for Paralympic Nordic skiing about the challenges of skiing with a spinal injury, shooting with no sight, and why veterans excel at biathlon. »3/11/14 9:40am3/11/14 9:40am