30 Quadrotors Form a Star Trek Constellation In the London Skyline

It's supposed to be an hour when everyone conserves energy by turning off the lights and other superfluous power drains. But apparently Paramount is still not up-to-speed on what Earth Hour is all about since over the weekend it celebrated the event by sending 30 quadrotor drones into the air, forming the Starfleet… » 3/25/13 8:25am 3/25/13 8:25am

Tony Stark's Boozing Ways, BD-Live Snafu Bring Down Paramount Servers

I would love to tell you this morning that the record breaking Iron Man Blu-ray release » 10/05/08 10:00am 10/05/08 10:00am on October 1 was all puppies and rainbows, but that just isn't the case. And I can't lie to you, dear readers, at least not about . The truth is, while the release made director Jon Favreau a happy man, it's done nothing but piss…

Paramount's First Blu-ray Flicks Hit May 20, Will Blow Your Face/Off…

Even though Paramount has taken longer to announce their Blu-ray slate than the other former HD DVD lackey, they're getting 'em out the door quicker, surprisingly. The first three BDs (I hate the acronym, but let's go ahead and digest it) from Paramount arrive May 20: Face/Off (yes!), Bee Movie and Next. Then it gets… » 4/30/08 12:13am 4/30/08 12:13am

Stop! Why It Still Isn't Safe to Buy Blu-ray

Click to viewBy now you know waaaaay too much about Toshiba's format-war surrender, the death of HD DVD at the hands of the larger Blu-ray armada. You may even be eying the Blu-ray players mounted proudly in point-of-sale displays at Best Buy or Wal-Mart. Pricing hasn't come down to HD DVD player levels—and with those… » 2/28/08 11:35am 2/28/08 11:35am

Show's Over Folks, Paramount Officially Goes Blu

Paramount's PR department is slower than the rest of the industry. They're officially Blu-ray as of today. So now it's totally and completely finished: All of the major studios, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Best Buy and Netflix are full steam ahead on Blu-ray. If you haven't digested the fact that HD DVD is gone by now, maybe… » 2/21/08 3:27pm 2/21/08 3:27pm

First Paramount Blu-ray Titles Spotted on Amazon

The first signs of HD DVD's ultimate demise may be coming from the UK on March 10. After the news on Universal and Paramount abandoning the exclusive HD DVD deal, it seems that Amazon UK is listing three Paramount Blu-ray titles with that definitive release date: Trading Places, Coming to America and Anchorman, the… » 1/21/08 7:40pm 1/21/08 7:40pm

The Truth About the Format War and HD DVD's Demise

Click to viewMost people have already declared Blu-ray to be the format war's victor—even us, begrudgingly—and our recent talks with Toshiba and Universal seem to suggest that the HD DVD camp might be ready to pull up stakes. Back at CES, so many moons ago, Microsoft said HD DVD was over when Toshiba said it was. Ken… » 1/21/08 10:00am 1/21/08 10:00am

Universal Won't Support HD DVD Exclusively, Blu-ray Victory Imminent…

Updated after the jump The end of the war is near: Hollywood insider Daily Variety has confirmed that Universal will no longer exclusively support HD DVD. Following Warner's defection to Blu-ray and reports on the clause that allows Paramount to publish Blu-ray titles too, the end of Universal's exclusivity deal may… » 1/11/08 8:00am 1/11/08 8:00am