Video: MiG-29 flies impossibly close to an airplane's open rear door

This is just plain cool. Imagine opening the rear door of a paratrooper plane and seeing a MiG-29 right in front of you, dancing in the air mere feet away from the aircraft’s opening. This stunt was obviously planned for the photographs but it’s not unlike opening your house’s front door and seeing a giant grizzly… »6/30/15 2:45am6/30/15 2:45am


Paratroopers fill the sky in awesome photo

Here’s a really cool photo showing US Army and British paratroopers jumping out of C-130J Super Hercules airplanes in a line at Fort Bragg. It was the largest jump exercise in 20 years at Fort Bragg and there are so many paratroopers filling the sky that it looks like a floating human wall (okay, a fence?) has been… »4/24/15 8:45pm4/24/15 8:45pm

Cool photo of a paratrooper makes it look like he's surfing an airplane

The angle of this photo of a paratrooper making a jump off a C-130 airplane is so perfect that it makes it seem like the soldier is using the Hercules aircraft as a surfboard of sorts. Obviously, he’s not standing on the plane (it’s just our perspective fooling us, or just me) but man, riding an airplane while outside… »4/23/15 11:41pm4/23/15 11:41pm

British Doggie Paratroopers to Make High-Altitude Jumps With Cameras Attached To Their Heads

Not laser beams, but close. The Telegraph is reporting that German Shepherds are being trained by the elite British SAS to perform high-altitude high-opening (HAHO) parachute jumps over Iraq and Afghanistan harnessed to soldiers. Once on the ground, the dogs will charge ahead, rooting out dug-in enemies and sending… »7/22/08 1:40pm7/22/08 1:40pm