Parrot Zik 2.0 Hands-On: The World's Most Advanced Headphones? Maybe.

The first time I tried the Parrot Zik headphones, my jaw dropped. The world around me disappeared. I felt like I was right there in the sound studio with the artist. So you can imagine my excitement to try the updated Zik 2.0. If you don't mind paying $400 for headphones, you should be excited too. » 11/03/14 8:00am 11/03/14 8:00am

A Drone That Follows You Around Is Way Less Messy Than Puppy

After leaving his uninspiring job at a bank, Sameer Parekh started his own company called Falkor Systems to further develop the concept of autonomous flying drones that don't require a pilot. His first creation is a modified Parrot AR.Drone designed to follow someone around a room like an incredibly loyal—but… » 5/28/13 9:25am 5/28/13 9:25am

Growing Plants Just Got A Lot Smarter with Parrot's Flower Power

Parrot, a company more famous for making the AR Drone, is attempting to smarten up your garden with the Flower Power. It's a Bluetooth sensor that looks like a cute little tree branch that you place inside your flower pot to measure sunlight, humidity, temperature and fertilizer. Basically, you'll know exactly what… » 1/06/13 7:32pm 1/06/13 7:32pm

The Best Bluetooth Headphones for Less Than $500

The technology driving wireless headphones has not yet reached its full potential. But over the past few years, Bluetooth has advanced to a point that less than $500 can buy a pair of headphones with decent audio and respectable battery life. We rounded up four pairs and let 'em duke it out to see if any pair has the… » 9/13/12 11:00am 9/13/12 11:00am

How to Turn a Drone Into a Vicious Flying Stungun of Doom

See those silver stripes around the circumference of this Parrot AR drone? They're not there for decoration or style. They're actually strips of aluminum tape that's wired into a capacitor from a disposable camera's flash. Which means that when—not if—this drone bumps into someone, they're going to get a particularly… » 8/30/12 4:34pm 8/30/12 4:34pm

Digital Messaging Light Switch Cover the First of 2008's WTF Products

Parrot's light switch cover with a built-in speaker to relay the digital message of your choice makes me long for a product banhammer, a hefty blunt instrument with which I can bludgeon pointless gadgets to death, entertaining myself and sustaining plastic splinters in the process. Record your 20-second message and… » 1/02/08 6:09am 1/02/08 6:09am

Parrot DF7700 MMS Digital Photo Frame Shows Pics from Cellphones

Here's one more way to send photos to a digital photo frame: The Parrot DF7700 thinks it's a cellphone—it even has its own phone number—and you can send it pics in an MMS message from any other cellphone. Its 7-inch frame (a similar 7" Bluetooth-friendly frame is pictured here) is big enough to show you just how bad… » 10/23/07 9:26am 10/23/07 9:26am

Parrot RK8200 Bluetooth Car Stereo Ditches the CD

Parrot's known for bluetooth gear, not car audio. That's likely why there's no CD player in this headset, nor is there XM receiver, or tape deck. The faceplate's internals house a bluetooth receiver with A2DP stereo streaming, a USB slot, and space for 300 mp3s, which is probably a GB or two of memory. The system also… » 9/26/07 7:37pm 9/26/07 7:37pm