The Crazy New Subatomic Particle That May Rewrite the Rules of Matter

Two teams of physicists have stumbled across a weird new subatomic particle that's unlike anything else we've ever seen—and it could rewrite the rules of matter as we know them. » 6/18/13 9:24am 6/18/13 9:24am

The Higgs Boson Discovery Just Got More Certain

At the start of July, scientists announced that they'd discovered what they strongly believed to be the Higgs Boson, a particle that's believed to be the key to unifying the standard and quantum models of physics. Now, after a handful more experiments, they're even more certain that they've finally got it. » 8/01/12 9:03am 8/01/12 9:03am

Electrons Can Split Into Two

Until now, electrons have been regarded as elementary particles—which means that scientists thought they had no component parts or substructure. But now, electrons have been observed decaying into two separate parts—causing physicists to rethink what they know about the particles. » 4/19/12 10:20am 4/19/12 10:20am

The Petite Particle Accelerator: A Proton Gun For Killing Tumors

Since 1990, doctors have been regularly treating cancer patients using proton beams, which work similarly to radiation. Proton therapy is more precise, however, causing less harm to healthy surrounding tissues. Unfortunately, generating a proton beam requires a particle-accelerator facility that's the size of an… » 3/26/12 1:00pm 3/26/12 1:00pm

Table-Top Atom-Smasher Does Amazing Things in a Small Package

How cool is this? Scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Easy Bay represent!) have created an atom-smasher that could fit on your kitchen table. Why should the Large Hadron Collider guys have all the fun? » 8/23/11 3:20pm 8/23/11 3:20pm

Keep Your iPad (Almost) As Cool As Your Beer

Ok, so it may come with a stylus, but Ten One Design's Particle Case manages to keep the iPad from overheating—something that may be plaguing your experience. » 6/17/10 3:57am 6/17/10 3:57am

Art That Makes You Fear For Your Life

I'm glad I only discovered Alex Posada's "Particle 1.0" on the internet, because if I came across this kinetic sculpture in real life, I would only do two things: duck and cover. » 1/18/10 7:20pm 1/18/10 7:20pm