Mystery Particles on Mars Revealed by Curiosity's Junk

Sifting through soil on Mars, NASA's rover Curiosity paused to take a picture - and exposed its own bad behaviour. The shot included a bright object lying in the Martian dirt, and a closer look suggests that the rover is guilty of littering: it appears the object is a piece of plastic wrapper that has fallen from the… » 10/17/12 8:55am 10/17/12 8:55am

Why Those Faster-Than-Light Particles Might Be a Good Bet to Hedge…

Yes, okay, it's terribly exciting that Einstein's theory of relativity has been put on notice by some perky faster-than-light neutrinos. But science, I've been burned before by your outsized enthusiasms. So here's a great way to hedge my bets. » 9/23/11 8:41am 9/23/11 8:41am

Have Scientists Discovered a New Elementary Particle?

Researchers at Fermilab, who run the Tevatron particle accelerator, say they've discovered a new particle "anomaly," leading people to think they may have uncovered a new elementary particle or new force of nature. But those working on the project are playing it safe, merely stating that the data is interesting. » 4/06/11 11:20pm 4/06/11 11:20pm

Video Analysis Suggests Gulf Spill Could Be Much Worse Than Estimated

As BP continues to come up with schemes to slow the Gulf oil spill, new research by NPR suggests that the leak could be far worse than previously thought. Applying particle image velocimetry—basically a computer program that measures the oil geyser particle by particle—to videos of the underwater leak, researchers… » 5/14/10 6:29pm 5/14/10 6:29pm