What 3000 calories looks likes in everyday food

When you eat a big meal like a Thanksgiving Dinner or feast during the holidays or gorge out on Super Bowl party platters and leftovers, you're probably eating a lot more than what your body is used to. Some sources say those heavy party dinners can range anywhere from 3,000 to 4,500 calories. That's quite a belly full … » 2/04/14 9:13pm 2/04/14 9:13pm

Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Just Went Digital

Mark Rober has been wowing us for three of years now with his innovative, high-tech Halloween costumes. In fact, he got so good at it that he quit his job at NASA to devote himself to "Digital Dudz" full-time. Now he's applied the cyber-clothing concept to the perennial holiday favorite, the ugly Christmas sweater, and… » 12/02/13 12:05pm 12/02/13 12:05pm

Halloween Cocktails + Dry Ice: A Spooky, Drunken Primer

Dry ice is one of the most tried and true Halloween special effects. Simply drop a chunk into a liquid, then it begins to "boil" and emit a dense, creepy fog. Not only that, it's cheap, simple to use, and way easier to find than you probably thought. It also happens to be fantastic—and fantastically ghoulish—in a lot of… » 10/25/13 5:00pm 10/25/13 5:00pm

Here's the Biggest Animated GIF Party Ever—and You're Invited to Join

We just had the biggest animated GIF party in history in Campfire, our virtual workplace. Or shall I say the beginning, because now you people have to post your own. You have to help us until there's no computer in the world capable of powering this page. » 10/12/12 2:00pm 10/12/12 2:00pm

Christopher M. Jesus Christopher M. Joe …

First Comes the Dream at the American Museum of Natural History: An…

There's a spirit of imagination that we all have as children. At a certain point, it can fade. But those dreams and aspirations never become less crucial to innovation, and that's why, last night, we brought together some of the greatest minds in science and technology in New York City to collectively remind ourselves … » 7/20/12 12:15pm 7/20/12 12:15pm

Gizmodo's Happy Hour Party Was a Deadly Fun Night of Drinking

Five gallons of Faux Loko, a hundred car bomb jello shots, five pounds of vodka soaked gummi bears and a beef infused rye shot with a habanero wine chase. We threw a Happy Hour party, and everyone got legendary. » 5/04/12 8:00pm 5/04/12 8:00pm

Teens Are Planning Raging Parties at Vacant Multi Million Dollar…

Supposedly inspired by that party movie Project X and probably more influenced by their own impressionable roller coaster hormones, teenagers are doing teenage things, only bigger, badder and from the sounds of it, a helluva lot more fun... and illegal. Hundreds of teenagers are flocking to parties at vacant mansions… » 5/01/12 4:20pm 5/01/12 4:20pm

BlackBerry Party in London Turns Sour as a Guy Is Stabbed In the Neck

It's been a rough old week for RIM, which has had to fight back against reports that it's hanging up its coat in the consumer-room and will only service the corporate types. Now, this: a 30-something man who was "glassed" at a party to celebrate the BBM service last night in London, where Jessie J performed only minutes… » 4/04/12 7:11am 4/04/12 7:11am

White Box Brings an Artistic Touch to the Gizmodo Gallery Tonight at…

In case you hadn't noticed, we've completely invaded the White Box. In return for putting up with our giant claw game, crazy parties, Nerf wars and loud home theater we're giving White Box free reign with the Gallery on Friday night. » 12/08/11 7:20pm 12/08/11 7:20pm

7 Tools to Party Like a Pagan

Happy Mabon! Isn't Mabon just your favoritest holiday of the year? Well, maybe not, but perhaps it would be if you were a pagan. Today marks the Autumnal Equinox. Days and nights are of equal duration, so here's seven tools to help get crunk! » 9/23/11 5:41pm 9/23/11 5:41pm

What, you're going to have a pagan party without large amounts of fire?…