iNo For Your iPod: Interactive Music Party Game

The iNo promises a "fun, fast, furious game of music trivia as players take turns transforming their personal iPods into an interactive music party." Users take turns inserting their iPods into the iNo then, using one of the four wireless remotes, attempt to outdo each other in a song-guessing battle royal that will… » 10/04/07 5:50pm 10/04/07 5:50pm

Electronic Spin the Bottle Helps You Relive Awkward Youth

We all remember sitting awkwardly in a circle, playing spin the bottle and getting our first kiss with a braces-wearing uggo in a group of giggling school children. Well, now you can relive those wonderful days with Toys4Me's Electronic Spin the Bottle — a game that takes all the difficulty out of both spinning and… » 8/28/07 7:30pm 8/28/07 7:30pm