LG May Sue Samsung After They Used a "Swear Word" to Insult LG's 3DTVs

Do you consider the word "shit" a profanity? LG obviously does, after a Korean Samsung rep apparently called LG "stupid shits," after LG boasted that their 3DTVs are Full HD. As the story goes, the rep went on to add that it was a "lame argument with no theoretical grounds. It's just unreasonable." » 4/01/11 5:40am 4/01/11 5:40am

Philips Takes Pity and Does a Passive 21:9 Gold Series 3DTV for Cheaper 3D Glasses

You may be sold on active 3DTVs being better than passive, but there's no denying the latter's glasses are much much cheaper than active shutter frames. Adding to last year's active 21:9 3DTV launch, Philips' 50-inch Gold Series TV converts 2D to 3D. There's also a nifty gaming feature, where dual-player games are… » 3/08/11 5:40am 3/08/11 5:40am