Did you know Facebook doesn't know your password?

Did you know that Facebook, Apple, or Google don't know your password? They just don't store it in their databases so hackers can't retrieve it in case they manage to break in. But if you're the only person who actually knows your password... how the hell do they know you are typing the right password to let you in? »8/06/14 11:46am8/06/14 11:46am


BlackBlackerry 10 Won’t Let You Use These 106 Incredibly Dumb Passwords

BlackBerrys used to be known for bulletproof security: the go-to device for business because you could guarantee it'd stay locked down and secure. Even if no one really wants a BlackBerry anymore, RIM's carrying on in that vein. BlackBerry 10 will stop you being an idiot, and using a whole load of dumb passwords. »12/05/12 7:56am12/05/12 7:56am