LastPass vs. KeePass: What's the Best Online Password Management?

For years, we’ve been touting the virtues of KeePass Password Safe, a free open-source program for storing all your website passwords and associated notes behind a single master password. And to synch KeePass across multiple machines, we’ve been recommending that readers store the encrypted database on Dropbox.… »10/27/13 9:43am10/27/13 9:43am


Windows 8 Is Going to Have Some Super Sweet Password Management Features

Services like 1Password and LastPass are life changers, you sign in with one master password and the app logs you into everything. No need to remember how many symbols and alphanumeric codes you've used. No need to remember 312 different passwords. Well, Windows 8 is going to have the same awesome password management… »12/16/11 11:52am12/16/11 11:52am