The Science of Why Your Pasta Boils Over

We've all done it: you put the pasta on to boil, turn your back for a few minutes to wipe off the counter or read the newest Today I Found Out article, and suddenly you hear that foreboding hissing sound of water boiling over. (Perhaps if you simply subscribed to our Daily Knowledge podcast and been listening instead,… » 1/10/14 7:15am 1/10/14 7:15am

Past, Present, Future Watch is Readable Yet Artsy

Many stylish watches are fantastic looking but more difficult to read than Clint Eastwood's leathery mug. This Past, Present Future watch, however, tells you exactly what time it is now, but omits everything else we've come to expect on a watch—namely, the rest of the watch. It's conceptual yet friendly, exactly like… » 11/26/07 6:20pm 11/26/07 6:20pm