iPhone Copy/Paste Service Pastebud Delivers Copied Text to Random…

Pastebud, the service that lets you copy and paste text from email and Safari, has been sending the copied emails (including personal information) out to anybody but the original user. » 12/13/08 2:45pm 12/13/08 2:45pm

Hands On: Pastebud Copy and Paste Trick For iPhone's Safari and Mail

Pastebud—the Javascript-based copy and paste framework that lets you move text from Safari to an email or a form on a web page—is the cleverest solution yet, but still doesn't quite hit the mark. » 12/12/08 12:40pm 12/12/08 12:40pm

iPhone Copy and Paste Now Working Between Safari and Mail

Finally, someone has conceived a way to copy and paste text from Safari to Mail, and between web pages. And this time, it doesn't require any software installation and it's legal: » 12/11/08 12:38am 12/11/08 12:38am