Nintendo Kills Wii Homebrew With Update, Again, Again, Again

Nowadays, any self-respecting hardware manufacturer is locked in an interminable battle to lock down their platforms for unclear reasons, because that's how things are, OK? »10/24/08 4:20am10/24/08 4:20am Accordingly, Nintendo has just released a patch to prevent would-be homebrewers from enjoying their Wiis too much. Not that this is unexpected —…

QR Code Jacket Patches Take Strangers On the Street to Your Blog, Stat!

We're sad that after all these years, the only place QR codes are actually useful is still good ol' Japan (where they're everywhere »7/30/08 9:31am7/30/08 9:31am). That said, San Francisco has , and there are readers available for just about every mobile platform (including iPhone)-which you'll have to make sure all of your friends have installed…

Xbox 360 Update Patches Exploits, Kills Linux and Pirated Games

Microsoft's finally patching the wicked s'ploits on the Xbox 360, which have been around since November and demoed in December, with a somewhat mandatory patch. They're pushing the update as an update instead of a security fix, and is "pulling a Sony" and including the update in all games that are published after… »3/06/07 6:00am3/06/07 6:00am