Apple and Google Spent More Money on Legal Fees Than R&D Last Year (And Google Apparently Thinks Apple Wants It That Way)

We've said it on multiple occasions: The American patent system is fucked. And a sprawling feature appearing in today's NY Times—collecting years worth of tech-related patent tragedies and follies—only makes that fact more apparent. But it wasn't just recapping old news; the Times put forth a couple of tidbits, which,… »10/08/12 1:04pm10/08/12 1:04pm

Samsung Throws a Temper Tantrum in Court Battle Against Apple and Leaks Dismissed Evidence to the Press

When a judge decides to dismiss evidence you feel would make your case in a patent lawsuit, you have one of two options: a) You can sit back and deal with it like a timid little tktkt or b) you can fire back and choose another public-facing channel to disseminate your information. Samsung chose the latter, opting to … »8/01/12 9:29am8/01/12 9:29am