Bill Gates' New Patent Would Keep Glassholes From Spying on Your Screens

Google's big Glass free-for-all has come and gone, but whether or not anyone actually bought the damn thing, cameras are popping up all over the place, and people are starting to get (perhaps rightfully) paranoid. Fortunately there could be tech in the future to save your screens from prying camera eyes. And Bill Gates … » 4/16/14 3:30pm 47 minutes ago

Apple's Fitness-Tracking Ambitions Go Beyond the iWatch

Lately, all the talk has been about the fitness-tracking, health-monitoring smartwatch that Apple is assumedly building. But a patent granted to Apple today shows the company wants to get into fitness tracking not just on your wrist, but in your ear, with sensor-laden earbuds to measure your athletic performance. » 2/18/14 10:26am 2/18/14 10:26am

7 NSA Patents: Cyber Manholes, Super-Shredders and More

The National Security Agency has access to the world's most incredibly sophisticated spy technology. But did you know that the NSA sometimes patents its own creations? » 2/14/14 9:00am 2/14/14 9:00am

Apple Patent Reaffirms Rumors of Pressure-Sensitive Touchscreens

Last year, Bloomberg reported that Apple was working on enhanced sensors capable of detecting different levels of pressure. Then, a patent popped up adding weight to the rumor. Now, a second patent lends the idea of pressure-sensitive touchscreens yet more credence. » 1/31/14 4:32am 1/31/14 4:32am

Adding More Layers is Apple’s Patent-Suggested Plan For Fixing Maps

It's slowly getting better, but try as it might, Apple just can't top Google's Maps service when it comes to digital cartography That's not to say it isn't still keeping up the chase though — a newly uncovered patent points towards a raft of new features Apple has planned for the troubled service. » 12/20/13 6:40am 12/20/13 6:40am

1995 Patent Shows Early Version of Navy's Submarine-Launched Drone

Today the U.S. Navy announced that it successfully launched an unmanned aerial vehicle from a submerged submarine. Quite an impressive feat, no doubt. But it's far from a new idea. In fact, the Navy applied for a patent on a similar submarine drone-launcher in 1995. » 12/05/13 5:11pm 12/05/13 5:11pm

Apple Patents Lytro-Style Camera Technology for Refocusable Images

Apple was just awarded a patent for a "plenoptic" or light-field camera, much like the one that Lytro started selling a couple of years ago. This is the type of technology that enables you to refocus photos after you've taken them. It would also seriously take iPhone photography to the next level. » 11/26/13 9:51am 11/26/13 9:51am