Samsung Is Copying Apple's Dock In Their Win 8 Machines Too: Will They Ever Learn?

I don't know if Samsung is now just taunting Apple or if their user interface "designers" are the same lazy idiots who copied the iPhone icons. In any case, this is getting hilarious. Or pathetic. Or disgusting. Or all of the above. Check out the S-Launcher that will be included in all their Windows 8 machines. »8/28/12 10:07am8/28/12 10:07am

Confirmed: Those North Korean Communist Assclowns Are Pathetic

Those North Koreans are a joke, starting with their stupid leaders, their military imbeciles, the moronic scientists and the state party sheep that cry for their dead leaders while half of the country is dying of starvation. Witness their latest inanity after failing to launch another of their useless rockets: a… »4/26/12 4:20pm4/26/12 4:20pm