Every Home Needs This Amazingly Simple DIY Automatic Closing Screen Door

Patio screen doors are fantastic at letting the breeze in and crucial in blocking insect intruders. But in a perfect world, we wouldn't even need them. In the real world, they'd somehow close themselves so we wouldn't be bothered with them. We can make that happen. Genius Clan McArthur rigged his screen door so it… »7/16/13 9:30pm7/16/13 9:30pm

Vertical Patio Transforms To Save Precious Outdoor Space

There is no doubt that the big trend right now in home design is about saving space. However, many of the designs we have seen in the past focus on the interior. The Vertical Patio from Pique Architecture takes the concept outdoors with a design that gets the most out of a small backyard using an elaborate fold away… »4/18/08 5:55pm4/18/08 5:55pm