Ship Bound for China Busted with American Patriot Missiles Labeled as…

Lucy, you got some 'splainin to do! A German vessel carrying 69 American-made Patriot missiles and 160 tons of explosives was detained en route to China. Nobody has any idea who shipped it, or to whom. » 12/22/11 4:40pm 12/22/11 4:40pm

The Declaration of Independence Carved In Wood

Charlie Kested, a 81-year-old Navy Veteran, has spent the last 10 years hand carving every single letter, word and line of the Declaration of Independence out of wood. The result is beautiful: dark walnut words, Baltic birch background and awe-inspiring patriotism. » 11/13/10 5:00pm 11/13/10 5:00pm

HD Media Player Battlemodo: Apple TV Killers

When Apple TV 3.0 came out, we were unimpressed. Readers asked what else they could use to play their many videos. Here are five nice ones for your needs—nearly all cost less, and do more, than ATV. UPDATED » 11/05/09 3:25pm 11/05/09 3:25pm

What's the Best USB Flash Drive?

Ars tricked Matt Woodward into running a gauntlet of tests on eight USB flash drives—a gadget you typically only evaluate by price/storage—to discover the secret king of flash drives. It's an epic piece. » 5/14/09 3:20pm 5/14/09 3:20pm