Bill Gates and Paul Allen Recreate Iconic 1981 Microsoft Photo

Back in 1981, Bill Gates and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen pulled of an audacious feat: they licensed MS-DOS to IBM, but in a deal that saw them retain entire control of the software. To mark the occasion, the pair were photographed amid a sea of contemporary computers—and now they've recreated the image. » 4/04/13 5:25am 4/04/13 5:25am

Paul Allen Dishes the Gossip on Bill Gates (and His Yacht) on 60 Minutes

Yesterday, a new book on Bill Gates and Microsoft hit store shelves—Idea Man. Only this one has been penned by Microsoft co-creator Paul Allen, who appeared on 60 Minutes to talk about the early days of Microsoft; the computers they were writing software on, and just what went wrong along the way between the two… » 4/18/11 3:40am 4/18/11 3:40am

Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Felt Betrayed By Bill Gates

Starting a business with your friend? Not always a good idea. Just look at Paul Allen who co-founded Microsoft with childhood friend Bill Gates. Allen is now a billionaire beyond belief, owning sports teams and super yachts, but his new book is taking jabs at Bill Gates and makes it look like Allen was more important… » 3/30/11 10:20am 3/30/11 10:20am

The Patents Paul Allen's Suing the Whole World Over

If you haven't heard, Paul Allen, mostly famous for his early role at Microsoft, has sued basically the entire tech world over patents filed by his former company, Interval. The WSJ has a more in-depth look at the patents, and who he's suing for what. Spoiler: One of them is basically a news aggregator, and another is… » 8/27/10 6:56pm 8/27/10 6:56pm

Bill Gates' Made Men: The Wild 'n' Crazy Ventures of the Microsoft Millionaires

Creating an organization bent on world domination takes more than just a maniacal leader with a high, cackling voice. It takes underlings. Henchmen, if you will. But these are no Bond villains. Bill Gates rewarded his geniuses with stock, just as they rewarded him with their hard work and ingenuity—and they wound up… » 6/26/08 11:00am 6/26/08 11:00am

Microsoft's Paul Allen's $12 Million Yellow Submarine

It appears Microsoft's co-founder is a big fan of things that sink. Obviously an avid Beatles fan, Allen's latest toy is a fully functional 40-foot yellow submarine (not to be confused with a 40-foot Yello Sub, which would be an even worse investment). He's now a member of a small, exclusive clique of ultra-rich… » 7/10/07 9:13pm 7/10/07 9:13pm

Vulcan FlipStart E-1001S: Vaporware, Four Years Later

Many of you whippersnappers won't even know what we're talking about when we mention the FlipStart, a piece of vaporware from the distant past (this nonsense started all the way back in 2003) when ultra-mobile PCs (UMPC) were just a glimmer in the eyes of their creators. Now a group of pictures have emerged of the… » 3/06/07 9:40am 3/06/07 9:40am