AT&T Killing MEdia Net Unlimited Data Add-On for Pay As You Go iPhone Customers

While the vast majority of iPhone customers opt for all-inclusive (but expensive) contracts, those miserly pay as you go customers that depend on the $20 MEdia Net unlimited data add-on to save money in the long term will be upset to find that, as of November 12th, they won't have that option. AT&T has decided to end… »10/13/08 4:50am10/13/08 4:50am

Google 'Instant Bid' Wireless Patent Could Threaten Cellular, Wi-Fi Providers

If Android sputters out »9/26/08 8:30am9/26/08 8:30am and , Google might have another plan to shake up the phone industry. In a patent filed and 2007 and published this week, Google details plans for an "Instant Bid" system for dealing with wireless connections. The concept is pretty straightforward: devices broadcast their request for service,…