NYC Will Turn 7,000 Old Payphones Into a Huge, Free Wi-Fi Network

In 2013, Mayor Bloomberg asked designers to reimagine the city's decrepit pay phones as internet-flinging, ad-spitting future machines. The winners were simply design concepts, never truly destined for reality. Now, the city is moving forward with the plan to retrofit its pay phones, after all. »5/08/14 12:20pm5/08/14 12:20pm


Pay Phone Extinction Imminent: AT&T Cutting the Cord Next Year

Cellphones' genocide of pay phones just leveled up: AT&T will be totally out of the pay phone business by the end of next year. It's a hard blow to a long languishing subset of communication hardware that was eulogized way back in '03 by schmucky Joel Schumacher's Phone Booth. There are about a million pay phones… »12/03/07 12:35pm12/03/07 12:35pm