Why Is Science Behind a Paywall?

Scientists’ work follows a consistent pattern. They apply for grants, perform their research, and publish the results in a journal. The process is so routine it almost seems inevitable. But what if it’s not the best way to do science? » 5/13/13 3:40pm 5/13/13 3:40pm

The New York Times Is Making Its Paywall Even Stricter and Its Website…

AllThingsD is reporting that the New York Times will be cutting the amount of free articles the grey lady lets readers read per month from 20 to a measly 10. The change starts in April and means you'll be hitting the NYT paywall a lot quicker than you think. » 3/20/12 9:32am 3/20/12 9:32am

The Onion Erects a Non-Satirical Paywall

Fake news don't come cheap; The Onion has begun testing a paywall for its international readers. Under the current system, you get five free articles per month, after which it's $3/month or $30/year for access. » 8/09/11 10:59am 8/09/11 10:59am

The NYT's Paywall Is a Success Even Though We're Not Using It?

We all thought the New York Times' paywall was a bit harebrained when we first heard about it. But a surprising (and profitable) side effect of it has been an uptick in print subscriptions since it went into effect. It makes sense if you think about it, since you're no longer paying for something you can get for free… » 6/08/11 3:46pm 6/08/11 3:46pm

Paywall Be Damned, The New York Times Has Signed Up 100,000 Paying…

Even though we presented you with a bunch of ways to continue reading the New York Times for free, they've reported they've already signed up 100,000 paying subscribers—in less than a month. While some of those customers are on a special four-week trial of the service, costing them a cent under a buck, that's still a… » 4/21/11 9:50am 4/21/11 9:50am

NYT Paywall Deflecting up to 30% of Reader Traffic

In non-surprising news that confirms everything we already knew about human beings and the internet, a study by Experian says the NYT's post-paywall traffic was down between 11% and 30% in the twelve days after the wall went up. [Experian] » 4/13/11 1:14pm 4/13/11 1:14pm

Did You Pay For the New York Times Today?

You've had a few hours now to think it over, so let's hear it: did you pay for a New York Times digital subscription? Or are you going over, up, and around the paywall by any means necessary? Citizens of the internet, stand and be counted! » 3/28/11 8:00pm 3/28/11 8:00pm

Kindle NY Times Subscribers Get NYTimes.com For Free

If you subscribe to the NY Times on your Kindle for $20/month, first of all stop that! Must be a terribly frustrating experience. But also good news: your e-ink subscription has granted you entry past the homepage paywall, and you can surf the Grey Lady at will. Which basically just means that Kindle pricing and… » 3/28/11 7:06pm 3/28/11 7:06pm

The NY Times Doesn't Mind You Tweeting Their Stories—Just Don't Use…

Turns out that it wasn't the tweeting (and thus offering easy access to free reading) the NY Times disapproved of with the @freeNYTimes feed, it was that they dared use the "T" logo the paper uses. The feed is back up, for easy paywall-dodging reading. [@freeNYTimes via Forbes] » 3/25/11 12:34pm 3/25/11 12:34pm

That Free NY Times Twitter Account Got Taken Down. Here's Another One

When we told you how to keep reading the NY Times for free, we mentioned the Twitter account @freenyt. That's been taken down! The new one is @freeUnnamedNews (and expects to stay up since there's no mention of the NYT). » 3/23/11 6:32pm 3/23/11 6:32pm

It's Not Just Google That Will Enforce the NY Times Paywall

Sure, there'll be various ways to jump over the NY Times paywall, but technically you'll only be allowed five articles a day going through Google—and all other major search engines, confirms their Communications Manager. [TechCrunch] » 3/22/11 12:50pm 3/22/11 12:50pm

Get Around NYT's 20 Article Paywall with One Click

We've shown you several ways to keep reading the New York Times for free, but here's an option that's arguably the simplest of all: NYTClean, a bookmarklet that takes down the Times' paywall with one click. [NYTClean via Nieman Lab] » 3/21/11 7:36pm 3/21/11 7:36pm

The New York Times Will Charge $15+ for Its Website Paywall

A bizarrely-staggered paywall will come into effect from March 28th, with readers getting 20 free articles a month. After that, it'll be $15 for a month's subscription to the website and phone app; $20 for the month's website use and iPad app use, and a steep $35 for using the website, phone app and iPad app.… » 3/17/11 10:55am 3/17/11 10:55am