Even PayPal Tries to Get Away With Not Paying for Stock Photos

Thousands of people have probably glossed over the decorative little clock on PayPal's Political Campaigns page without a second thought. But if you look closely, you'll see the watermark that proves this e-commerce giant really isn't so different from you and me—because apparently, PayPal hates paying for stock… »2/27/14 7:11pm2/27/14 7:11pm

Hacker Swipes PayPal President's Credit Card Info, Goes on Shopping Spree

When you own a company specializing in online payments, the constant threat of hackers and phishing schemes is an inescapable part of the job description. So it's hard not to experience a little schadenfreude in the fact that PayPal President David Marcus's credit card information got swiped recently and taken on a… »2/10/14 3:58pm2/10/14 3:58pm

Amazon's New Login Service Saves You From Signing Up for Accounts

Today, Amazon launched a new feature called "Login and Pay With Amazon" that allows you to use your Amazon account as both a payment method and login credentials for third-party retailers. It's the Amazon Payments feature that's already available combined with the third-party login service that's already available… »10/08/13 2:40pm10/08/13 2:40pm