How Did We Get to Where We Are Now with Online Privacy?

Real life privacy is an easy thing to understand. Don't peek into my windows! Don't put up surveillance cameras on every corner! Don't tap my phone calls! But what about online privacy? What should the government (ahem, NSA) be able to know about us? How much data should companies give them? And just how the heck did… »7/25/13 10:00pm7/25/13 10:00pm


The Rise of Artificial Intelligence Is Absolutely Fascinating

We poke fun at Siri and pretend to get scared by Humanoid robots and make our neck hair stand up straight by watching quadrocopters do amazing things but the truth is, artificial intelligence is still pretty dumb. But that's going to change! The rise of artificial intelligence is happening and they're learning a lot… »7/11/13 11:20pm7/11/13 11:20pm