21 Free Apps to Keep Your PC Healthy

An ounce of prevention is worth, what, a working version of your operating system? A few hours of a Windows reinstallation? All of your system's data? When it comes to dealing with issues with your PC, apps that help you prevent problems before they occur are worth their file size in gold. » 11/04/11 10:40am 11/04/11 10:40am

Small But Powerful: 30 Useful PC Apps Under 2MB

When it comes to computing, our general philosophy at Maximum PC is that bigger is better. More, speed, more memory, more power—as far as hardware goes, there's no such things as excess. Software, though... Software's a little different. Big, feature-packed utilities and applications are great, but we prefer apps that… » 4/15/11 4:40pm 4/15/11 4:40pm