Mineral Oil-Cooled Aquarium PC Kit Now Available For Purchase

Custom PC maker Puget Systems has decided to capitalize on their wildly successful YouTube video demonstrating a mineral oil-cooled "Aquarium PC" by actually selling a DIY version. Puget claims that they have been running the system for over a year now with "no ill effect on the hardware," which may or may not help… »10/28/08 1:30pm10/28/08 1:30pm

If You Build a PC Case Out of Duct Tape, Geeks Will Come

We all know duct tape has a million uses—but did you know that the actual figure is a million and one? It's true—a bunch of geeks confirmed it when they succeeded in building a PC case entirely out of the sticky stuff. You laugh because it's stupid, but you have to be impressed with the amount of thought these guys… »5/29/08 8:00pm5/29/08 8:00pm