Asus W5fe SideShow Ultraportable Notebook: PC Mag Says It's So-So

PC Mag's Cisco Cheng pushed over Bill Gates after his CES Keynote, and mugged him for the Asus W5fe Ultraportable notebook he demoed. You know, that's the one with a second LCD on the back of the lid that displays Vista's Sideshow widget screens. He revels in the computer's size, and looks upon its battery life with… »2/14/07 8:11pm2/14/07 8:11pm

iPod nano Reviewed by PC Mag (Verdict: Long Live the nano!)

PC Magazine reviewed the next-gen 8GB iPod nano, and gave it the Editors Choice designation, 4.5 stars out of 5. Reviewer Mike Kobrin really liked its longer battery life, brighter screen, search feature, and was especially fond of its new gapless playback: »9/14/06 11:46am9/14/06 11:46am

On the slightly negative side, Kobrin found a bug in the…