Fusion-io IoXtreme SSD: Fastest Consumer SSD on the Market

HotHardware took a look at this consumer-focused PCI-Express SSD from Fusion-io, and found that while it's pretty damn expensive at $900 for 80GB, it's blazingly fast, hitting 700MB/s read and 300MB/s write speeds. » 11/17/09 1:00am 11/17/09 1:00am

Fusion-io ioDrive Is The Fastest Storage Device in the World

The ioDrive is a PCI Express storage card that can write at up to 368 MB/s and read at 473 MB/s to its NAND flash memory-or, for the layman: really, really damn fast. » 12/11/08 10:00am 12/11/08 10:00am

640GB Flash Hard Drive For a Paltry $19,000

Sure, it costs $30 a GB, but Fusion-io's new ioDrive flash card promises ridiculous 800MB/sec (Read) and 600MB/sec (Write) sustained data transfer rates. That would mean performance on par with DRAM, which would be about a thousand times faster than any existing disk drive. Basically, it's like packing an enterprise… » 10/08/07 6:40pm 10/08/07 6:40pm

ASUS P5N32-E Motherboard: Gaming Hydra

ASUS knows, like you do, that you can never have too many graphics cards. In a day and age where double- and quadruple-SLI graphics solutions are commonplace, ASUS saw a weakness in traditional motherboards that only house a couple of your $800 GPUs. That's why the NVIDIA-based P5N32-E comes equipped with not one or… » 11/10/06 6:05pm 11/10/06 6:05pm