New ATI TV Wonder Cards Add Enhanced DVR Functionality, QAM Tuner

Today, ATI announced the 600 USB and 650 PCIe cards, one for USB one for PCIe. The USB is a single tuner HDTV device for laptops, like the Pinnacle. The 650 PCIe is a desktop card with two tuners (that's new) that records and plays an analog and digital source simultaneously. Both cards have Orb DVR software which… » 7/09/07 7:19pm 7/09/07 7:19pm

Exclusive Grope: Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick Transforms Laptops into…

We love us some HDTV, so when Pinnacle gave us a first-hand look at their new PCTV HD Pro Stick we were all over it. A smidgen thicker than your average thumb drive, the Pro Stick delivers free over-the-air HD programming straight to your PC via a USB connection. It comes with a portable antenna so you can use it… » 10/17/06 8:51pm 10/17/06 8:51pm