This Simple Accessory Blinds Kinect and Solves Your Privacy Concerns

The Xbox One's original requirement for the Kinect 2.0 sensor to always be connected and active led many gamers to raise concerns about their privacy. Microsoft eventually caved in on that requirement, but anyone upgrading to the new Xbox One now has an absolute guarantee that the Kinect 2.0 sensor won't keep tabs on… »10/28/13 9:40am10/28/13 9:40am

New Pioneer 50-inch, 60-inch Plasma TVs Show Off Deep, Deep Blacks

Pioneer introduced two new plasma TVs with panels designed for incredibly deep blacks at an industry event in Tokyo. Are these the same Kuro gen 2 panels that are currently shipping in the US? Or are they the even better ones we saw in prototype form at CES? The guys at Akihabara News were able to check out the… »9/11/08 2:45am9/11/08 2:45am

Pioneer PDP-5000EX: Plasma Display with 20,000:1 Contrast Ratio

Pioneer stalls the decline of plasma display technology's popularity for a while longer with its 60-inch PDP-5000EX plasma TV that the company says cranks out a 20,000:1 contrast ratio. Take a look at the photo above, and you can plainly see that the higher contrast ratio of the set on the left gives you a better view… »10/06/06 1:51pm10/06/06 1:51pm