Charlie Brown Will Still Miss that Place Kick in the CGI Peanuts Movie

Perhaps eventually all your childhood favorites will come back CGI'd, and that's okay! At least as far as the upcoming Peanuts movie is concerned. Because as you can see in the latest trailer for the November 2015 movie, the look is a little different, but Charlie Brown's probably still gonna wuff a punt, and adults… »1/05/15 1:50pm1/05/15 1:50pm


Vince Guaraldi Trio: Christmastime Is Here (Instrumental)

I consider myself lucky. I managed to make it through the first weekend of December relatively unscathed by bad Christmas music—I didn't even hear the "Do They Know It's Christmas?" remake, which I consider a victory. But there's one album you could put on repeat from now until December 25 and I wouldn't mind one bit: »12/08/14 7:45pm12/08/14 7:45pm

Doctors Ease Peanut Allergies in Tiny Test You Shouldn't Try at Home

To a nut-allergic person, a peanut is a little grenade of discomfort and danger. So a small study published this week, showing that kids with severe peanut allergies can increase their tolerance through gradual exposure, is great news for allergic children and their caretakers. Just please, don't try this technique at… »1/31/14 11:20am1/31/14 11:20am

There's Something Comforting About A Peanut-Shaped Nursery School

People say that peanuts are healthy. They're a super food or something. But the peanut is apparently good for other things too, like inspiring design. The Japanese architect Hiroshi Ueda overlapped two circles to create the peanut concept for this building, completed last year. And it seems only fitting that the … »6/18/13 11:00pm6/18/13 11:00pm